There are two beautiful bridal bouquets here  and they both measure almost 10 inches across the diameter. Bold and full, they are very popular!

The turquoise and white hydrangeas look so real, and all the perfect starfish and sand dollars across the top, really finishes it off. There are larger and smaller turquoise garden roses throughout the bouquet.

This bouquet is lush, full and lovely, I think hydrangeas are my favorite for weddings. I added some larger and smaller sand dollars and for a fun surprise....driftwood! Small pieces of treated driftwood run thru the bouquet, and is just fabulous.

This bouquet is loaded with seashells. two different types of starfish, and the different  sand dollars  of course, are just the start. little white cockle shells and limpets in turquoise really pop! There is a smaller version listed for sale, on my Etsy site if 9-10 inches is too big for your special event. :)

Some of the flowers included in these turquoise and white bouquets are hydrangea in both colors, ranuculus, roses, and orchids. I can either use dendrobiums or phalaenopsis orchids, which ever you prefer. They both have a touch of yellow in the center, but it looks good with the turquoise. I add strands of pearls, running the strand through the bouquet, over and under the flowers. The pearls strands are attached under the flowers, and will not move much. I also add little white organza puffs with diamond centers, these puffs give the bouquet extra fullness and a lush look. They soften the bouquet. I also add some tiny white shells called "cay-cay" shells. After I Dremel the edges to keep them consistent, I add a small pearl to the centers.  The handles on these bouquets can be customized for just you. I have two types of treatments shown above. the all white is very bridal and the "criss-cross" ribbon handle is great for bridesmaids too.

I can make other wedding items for your whole wedding party. Wrist corsages, boutonnieres, flower girl baskets and halos, and don't forget your matching toss bouquet!

It's all available for purchase/custom order on my Etsy site.

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