Beautiful bridal bouquet in bright pinks and white with lots of diamonds and pearl trims.

I added many different seashells, including the starfishes and sand dollars. Tiny white shell are sanded smooth and filled with miniature pearls and diamond like rhinestones.

There are tiny pieces of real driftwood throughout the bouquet,  each bouquet has 3 pieces of the driftwood on them., then I attach the diamonds and pearls onto the little driftwood pieces..

Like some of my other fancier bouquets, this is very feminine and soft, but bold at the same time!!

Lovely and very bridal with so much detail! I also made matching boutonnieres and corsages for this bouquet***

Please contact me for other photos of this bouquet and matching items. The color is absolutely beautiful.  

In these pink and white bouquets, there are lots of high quality silk Dutch blooms included, like hydrangeas and Delphinium florets mixed with lots of true to color open garden roses. you'll see sweet peas, sweetheart roses and lots of dendrobium orchids too! All with a touch of string pearls running through this great looking bouquet!  It's a bigger Bridal bouquet at 9 inches and full! Just stunning!! 

I can make your handle custom as I did for this Bride. There is a touch of her vivid rose pink flowers at the top of the handle "collaring it" and what a great look it is!! Your custom handle can be whatever you'd prefer. What I usually offer is to wrap the handle in white satin and use an opalescent sheer overlay. then a few bands of color to make it pop, before the pearl garlands finish the look.. 

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