the wedding set pictured on this page are full of colors you'll find in the ocean.  

Shades of blue, turquoise, aqua, and teal supported by lots of seashells like sand dollars, starfish and tiny cay-cay shells that are filled with little pearls and diamond trims.

pretty, Soft and feminine, I blended the colors so they are not competing, instead they are complementing each other like the colors do in the ocean. the sea grass loops that seems to hover over the bouquets, help make an artificial bouquet seem very real. 

Each bouquet is made custom for each Bride and her wedding party. Each item that's created, is a little bit different than the last. 

that is a good thing. Unique handcrafted items made specifically for each Bride, has their tastes in mind. The handles are all different too, and these here in the pics above, do not disappoint! 

I love the sea blues colors and chose a medium sea blue to wrap over the opalescent sheer, that was the overlay to a white satin ribbon. Pearl garlands complete the handle treatment and keep it truly bridal and perfect. 

Hawaiian Leis in Colors of the Sea. 

Here you see 5 leis together, hanging for their photo debut. Each lei has ribbons, shells, in 6 total "stations" on the lei. there are 3 in a light teal, and 3 in a turquoise color. All the seashells are lacquered to shine and just the Bride gets the pearls! The men in the houseparty will wear these instead of boutonnieres and the Bride will wear hers at the reception. I used a tiny seashell mix and tiny starfish and sand dollars too! Each one is unique even tho they all match.